The peace and grace of God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be with you.

Greetings from Trinity Lutheran 
Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church.  We are a Christian congregation that seeks to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ through faithful worship and through selfless service on behalf of others.  Jesus proclaimed that the world will know that we belong to Him - if we show love for one another.  The gift of God is just this - that He shows His love for you and all creation in His son, Jesus Christ, offered as a sacrifice.  He is the Savior of the world.

If you are looking for a congregational home or if you would like to learn more about Jesus - we, the saints of God in Jesus Christ at Trinity, welcome and invite you to join us.  May the Holy Spirit fill you with joy and strengthen your faith. Praise be to God! 

If you desire any other information or just would like to talk to us please call us at (920) 235-7440 or email here.

Trinity Lutheran Church & School

Trinity Lutheran School

Divine Service Schedule

Divine Service Thursdays 7pm

Divine Service Sundays 9 am

Sunday School 10:20 am
Bible Classes for ALL AGES 10:20 am

New Song Contemporary Service 
(4th Sunday of the Month) 9 am
at Trinity Church

Ready… Set… GROW! IN THE WORD Sunday School starts up on Sunday, Sept 22 at 10:15a. “Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matt 19:14 Our volunteers are super excited to be leading classes for children ages 3 through High School. We will be meeting in the classrooms off the fellowship hall. We thank God for the teachers and helpers who have stepped forward to serve, using their God given gifts in our Sunday School this year. Please contact Beth Voswinkel at 920-203-3139 (call or text) or bethvoswinkel@hotmail.com with any questions or to help out!

 for Sept. 22 – Sept. 29, 2019

          TODAY              9:00 a.m. Divine Service

10:15 a.m. Sunday School, Bible Studies

10:30 a.m. Call meeting 

          12:30 p.m. Hmong Worship

                                     1:30 p.m. Hmong Bible Study


          WEDNESDAY   5:30 p.m. Catechism 

6:30 p.m. Choir practice


        THURSDAY       6:30 a.m. Men’s Bible Study – Perkins

8:30 a.m. Quilters

                       1:00 p.m. Bible Study         

                                   7:00 p.m. Divine Service w/ Holy communion


      SATURDAY 9:15 a.m. Women’s Bible Study          


         SUNDAY           9:00 a.m. Worship w/Holy communion

          10:30 a.m. Sunday School & Bible Studies

        12:30 p.m. Hmong Worship

                      1:30 p.m. Hmong Bible Study